OK Google, what does the future of search look like?
How hands-free internet searches may be indirectly impacting your business.

Since having a baby last year, I now consider the ability to do something ‘hands-free’ as a major time-management hack. Phone calls exist almost exclusively hands-free now, either on speaker or headset while I’m folding washing, cooking dinner, signing for a courier delivery or driving to a speaking engagement. Multitasking has become an extreme sport….

The simple question that yields $2,000 a day.

If you’re looking for a great example of a retail channel meeting the changing needs of consumers, look no further than your nearest petrol station. No longer simply an outlet for fuel, petrol stations are now at the pointy end of convenience shopping and as a result, yield the vast majority of their profits from…

Life Stage Marketing – it’s not just for wedding businesses, baby brands and divorce lawyers.

Facebook’s clever (and slightly creepy) algorithms have obviously worked out that I’m pregnant. In fact, Facebook knew I was pregnant well before I’d announced it publicly. And judging by the specificity of the products and services being marketed to me, Facebook has also determined that I’m in my third trimester. If I suddenly start getting…