The Boomerang Effect – Why Being Helpful In Your Marketing Returns More Customers And Makes You More Money
By Tim Reid

About the Book Most business owners I meet measure the success of their marketing spend by one main metric – new customers or number of fresh leads. But what if the true measure of success — and the path to profits — actually lies with your existing customers? What if there was a way to…

Leadability: The Art of Building Respect, Confidence, Integrity and Trust to Create a Lasting Leadership Legacy.
By Rowdy McLean

I consider myself an accidental leader. I started my first business, a marketing agency, at the age of 21. I didn’t mean to. What started as a couple of freelance projects in between jobs grew and grew and before I knew it, I was managing a team of people and having meetings with my accountant…

Tools of Titans – The Tactics, Routines and Habits of Billionaires, Icons and World-Class Performers
By Tim Ferriss

About the Book The New York Times describes Tim Ferriss as ‘a cross between Jack Welch and a Buddhist Monk.’ For me, he is just a super smart, authentic genius whose endless curiosity on human performance and generosity of spirit make anything he writes worth reading. Ferriss’s 2007 business self help blockbuster The Four Hour…