Amanda Consultant

Amanda has a background in strategic consulting, having advised brands such as Lend Lease,

Priceline, Westfield, Microsoft and even the Australian Liberal Party.

In addition to strategic consulting contracts with brands such as Southern Cross Austereo, Mirvac Retail and Virgin Mobile, Amanda is a renowned SME business consultant and she has a talent for finding the hidden profit in any business.

Amanda is the co-founder of small business profit improvement consultancy The Brain Bank.
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Business Improvement Audit

A three-day intensive business audit where Amanda and her team analyse your business from top to bottom, inside out.
Your business is reviewed across 12 key areas, encompassing

three key themes:

Technology and Automation
Marketing & Innovation
The Customer Experience

Day one is spent in your business, with you and your key stakeholders to get a detailed understanding of your business, sales, marketing and operational processes.

Day two is offsite, where your consulting team brainstorms marketing strategies and business improvement. These recommendations are developed in conjunction with our creative team, who’ve been known to work till the wee hours to bring the concepts to life.

Day three we come back into your business to present the findings and recommendations in a half day workshop. We then conduct a team-building workshop with your team, outlining a plan for building customer advocacy.

“Having you guys actually come into the business and see it all first hand made a big difference. As a result of your recommendations, our revenues grew 14% in less than a month.”

Shane Punton, BP Gateshead

Seven Day Business Detox

This free program is the perfect kickstart if your business is in need of some fresh ideas and new thinking. Just like our health, sometimes our businesses suffer from unhealthy practices and as a result, performance becomes sluggish.

Based on Amanda and her team’s refreshingly unconventional but tried and tested ideas for boosting business, this seven day program will get you re-focused, refresh your sales and marketing programs and on a path of renewed health and results.

This is a completely free DIY program and is all completed online.

It will incorporate tasks and exercises to analyse the performance of your website, ensuring it turns browsers into buyers.

It will give you some powerful marketing exercises to try – you’re guaranteed to see immediate results.

You will learn how to establish a simple dashboard to monitor your business performance in just a few minutes a day.

There’s no better time to detox your business and set it up for peak performance than now.

“This program was easy to do and gave me a new daily discipline of working on my business rather than just in it. Definitely put my business on the path to better health.”

Susan Millen, AGN Finance

Website Critique

Would you like to supercharge your website so it delivers you qualified sales leads 24/7?

Would you like to know the proven formula for turning browsers into buyers?

Your current website might look good, but is it working hard enough for you? Is it ‘sticky’ and engaging or is it just an information centre with no strategies or tools that build a relationship with the visitor and capture leads.

According to Amanda, “90% of websites are not designed or developed with a sales objective in mind. They’re boring, uninspiring and a poor reflection for the brand they represent.”

Find out how you can have the website your business deserves with our free 8-point website critique. Amanda and her team review your website across 8 critical success areas – not only scoring its current performance, but developing easy-to-implement recommendations for improvement.

You’re provided a detailed written report and a follow-up phone consultation.

“I never realised my website could be such a sales machine. The critique completely changed the way I view my website and with a few minor additions and tweaks, it’s now our key source of new leads.”

Brain Walsh, Gold Coast Blinds & Screens

Retail Review

If you’re in retail, you know more about change than most sectors. You’re being challenged, disrupted and business is more unpredictable than ever.

Our one day Retail Review is a concentrated consulting review designed to get you refocused and re-inspired about your business.

Developed from Amanda’s unique Retail Revival Formula, this one day process will shake your business up, give you a fresh perspective and will result in mini make-over of your business.

This process is designed for independent retailers who are looking for ways to create a point of difference in a changing market, build customer loyalty and strengthen profits.

In just one day, we will conduct a detailed review of your product mix, and merchandising, your marketing and in-store promotional program and how you can better leverage technology to attract, retain and maximise a loyal customer base.

You’ll leave the day with a blueprint for attracting more customers who spend more in your store more often.

“We were new to this industry and really needed an expert to come in and put us on the right path. We’re not only saving on overheads, we’ve put in place some great in-store promotions and joint ventures that are working really well.”

Therese Thompson, Pipeline Surf