Are you ignoring your secondary and peripheral purchasers?

The front of my home is framed by a massive old ghost gum tree. It’s a distinctive feature of the house but due to its size it needs an annual visit from the tree doctor to trim wayward sections and remove any dead and potentially dangerous branches.

This is an almost full day exercise involving a cherry picker, four workmen and a heavy-duty mulcher running at full throttle for several hours.

It’s quite a spectacle and this year it was a life highlight for my three-year old son Ollie, who watched the whole thing in total awe.

Noticing how enthralled Ollie was in the process, the company owner Jayson came over and talked Ollie through what they were doing and made him feel like part of the team. When they were finished, he gave Ollie a ride in the cherry picker and literally gave him an experience that he’s still talking about two months later.

Similarly, the owners at our local café Depot go out of their way to make every visit an epic experience for Ollie, making a fuss of him, giving him extra marshmallows with his baby chino and giving him special stickers and treats every time we visit. Simple stuff but him having a great experience makes a big difference to mine.

Often there are secondary and influencer customers (even three-foot tall ones) that, while they are not your primary customer, warrant just as much attention and fuss and can lead to great customer experience outcomes for your primary purchaser.