customised & memorable

Amanda Stevens has a reputation.

A reputation for enthusiastically and thoroughly immersing herself in an industry, a brand and in piles of customer research.

Very few speakers prepare, research and ‘nerd out’ on information before a presentation than Amanda does. She prides herself on it.

She’s been known to go ‘undercover’ and mystery shop a brand, tap into her numerous research and insights sources and interview experts and leaders to get the most comprehensive view of a sector, its opportunities and its future consumer.

As a result, Amanda is able to tailor her content and her approach to meet the unique needs of the audience, whether it’s a boardroom workshop for nine people or a global auditorium audience of 9,000.

And she’ll not only tailor her insights and strategies, she’ll make it a funny, fun, memorable experience to ensure the impact lasts long after she’s walked off stage.

It’s why she was named Keynote Speaker of the Year by Professional Speakers Australia in 2018 and regularly gets client feedback like this:

Undeniably one of the most memorable speakers we‘ve ever had.
Dave Aitchison, CEO, BFT

We‘ve been lucky enough to work with Amanda over the last few years – straddling a number of large-scale national conferences and education events, through to state based roadshows – and every time she has delivered a keynote worthy of a standing ovation, full of relevant and up to date information that engages our audience – but more than that, leaves them with tangible actions that they can implement the second they walk out of the room!

Dan Hillier, Head of Health and Partner Engagement, TerryWhite Chemmart