By Nikki Fogden-Moore

Fitpreneur By Nikki Fogden Moore
My definition of success has changed dramatically over the years. In my twenties and early thirties I was growing a marketing and PR business at full pelt, working 16 hour days and judging progress and achievement on turnover, number of staff and how big our office was.
These days it’s almost the opposite. While revenues are still important, my idea of success is having a very small team, minimal overheads and more time with at the beach or at home with my baby boy.
These days I also place a much higher value on health and wellbeing — worlds away from the coffee-fueled all nighters of a decade ago. Now that I value the link between professional and personal vitality, the principles of leadership expert Nikki Fogden-Moore speak to me in a way that truly resonate.
Nikki’s book Fitpreneur – The Ultimate Leader: Healthy, Wealthy and Wise explores what I feel is the ‘new order’ of leadership – that of a values and vitality based approach. Nikki outlines a plan for truly discovering what you value most and provides a blueprint for what she calls a ‘non-negotiating mindset to find your next level of energy for greater business results with a sense of balance, peace and inner wisdom,’
Nikki is a self-proclaimed ‘vitality expert’. She’s a speaker, author and founder of the Vitality Roadmap. She’s worked with the who’s who of CEOs and elite athletes and her ability to maximise performance at the highest levels of business shines throughout the wisdom in this book.

This book in 200 Words

Fitpreneur is based on a concept Nikki calls ‘Ultimate Vitality’ – that secret sauce that enables high achievers to create seamless success in all areas of life.
Nikki argues that many leaders are striving for success in a way that neglects their own personal wellbeing. So she dives deep into the link between personal health and wellbeing and the ability to lead and succeed in a way that’s effective and most importantly, sustainable.
Fitpreneur is penned in Nikki’s signature straight-to-the-point, irreverent style and you find yourself feeling more energetic and inspired at the turn of every page. She challenges you to understand your core values in every part of your life, not just in business. She provides a framework for finding true purpose and taking back control of your life. It’s not until you go through this book that you realise you’re probably less in the driver’s seat of your own life than what you think and Nikki’s guidance and coaching throughout Fitpreneur inspire you to change all that.
Full of tips, tricks and tactics that you can apply immediately, Nikki provides a plan to reclaim your inner energy and reconnect with your mojo.
Fitpreneur is possibly the most holistic approach to work-life balance and seamlessly blending your health and your wealth to ensure you get the most out of life and fall in love with life along the way.
Three Things to Action from this Book
Apart from being an easy read, the power in Fitpreneur is that it’s peppered with self-diagnostic tools so by the time you’ve finished, the power of cumulative effect you’ve tackled underlying blockages in your life on all aspects including money and mindset.
1. Calculate your Vitality Bank Balance
One of the first exercises is a simple credit / debit exercise where you calculate your ‘Vitality Bank Balance’ by listing all the elements in your life that add value to your health and wellbeing and all the elements in your life that detract value from your health and wellbeing.
This simple audit is quite confronting as it gives you a running balance and a visual and undeniable ‘profit and loss’ statement of your current position. This in itself is powerful as it inspires an inner desire to make change.
2. Plan a Winning Week
As you might imagine, Nikki is big on rituals and she outlines a 5-step plan for a weekly routine that sets you up for an exceptional week and puts you in charge of how things pan out.
Step 1: Make a Planning Session each Sunday: enabling you to carve out the week you want.
Step 2: Write out your Week in Detail: not just in terms of your work schedule, but planning time for fitness and wellbeing, admin/work productivity, friends, family, me time and giving back. This sets you up for success in all areas of your life and establishes a foundation for balance and seamless vitality.
Step 3: Make it Live: transfer your written week to an agenda so any other stakeholders (including family) can see your plan.
Step 4: Be Consistent: Weekly work creates monthly change. Like me, Nikki is big on the power of cumulative effect.
Step 5: Be smart: Bring harmony and wellbeing into focus and allow flexibility for things that pop up.
3. Ensure your Goals fit with your Values
Sounds obvious, but according to Nikki, many people set goals that are based on other people’s expectations and agendas and not aligned to personal values.
She provides a simple process for analysing your goals and plans to ensure they tick these boxes:
  • – RELEVANT – to your overall mission?
  • – RESONATE – is it truly something that’s meaningful to you?
  • – REAL TIME – can you make milestones on a daily and weekly basis to boost your progress? This is all about tangible achievement.


Fitpreneur is an inspiring guide to designing a life you love and achieving a sense of calm, vitality and abundance all at once.
It’s an easy read and you hear the benefit of Nikki’s coaching voice throughout — a voice high-level CEO’s pay tens of thousands of dollars for.
While providing a powerful framework, Nikki shows you how to remove self-doubt and create your own path of success, determine your own rules and achieve all this with clarity and conviction.
It’s big on action-taking and unlike other books that can create a sense of overwhelm and FOMO, you’ll feel a sense of achievement after reading Fitpreneur because you’re doing the work as you go.
Grab a super food smoothie and get ready to get into some serious flow. Get your copy of Fitpreneur here.