Focus – Four Fast Easy Strategies for Beating Procrastination Forever
By Keith Abraham

If you’re anything like me, your plan for 2018 involves resolutions and goals that are big, hairy and audacious. And only one thing stands in the way of them all being achieved: procrastination.
In a post-digital age, bright shiny thing syndrome is something that impacts us all. We’re all dealing with information overload and the constant distraction of non-stop news feeds. Is it any wonder that we’re looking for ways to cut the noise, beat procrastination and focus on what’s really important?
Keith Abraham’s book Focus: Four Fast Easy Strategies for Beating Procrastination Forever is your new bible when it comes to removing roadblocks and gaining serious momentum. In all areas of your life.
The best part is it’s a book that gets straight to the point and is big on implementing as you go. After all, who needs another thing to procrastinate about?

This book in 200 words…

In the opening pages of this book, Keith frames the issue perfectly by juxtapositioning the two forces that contribute most to our success (either positively or negatively).
Procrastination is the greatest robber of self confidence.
Focus is the greatest enhancer of self confidence
Say what!? Focus isn’t just about getting shit done? It impacts how we feel about ourselves?
If you’ve never thought about procrastination in those terms, you soon realise that this is where Keith’s philosophy on goal setting and productivity differs. He not only gives you a one-dimensional methodology for goal setting and action planning, he actually gets you thinking about the emotional drivers behind goals and dreams and challenges you to truly understand the meaning behind what matters.
He then outlines a powerful blueprint for aligning your goals to your values and your actions to your goal drivers. It’s not just about what your’re going to achieve but how you’re going to feel when you do. He then delivers four simple steps for beating procrastination and distraction:
Purpose – Being clear on WHY you want to achieve a specific goal
Plans – Knowing WHAT you want to achieve
Priorities – Determining WHEN you want to achieve it
Proactive – Understanding HOW you’re going to achieve it.

Three things to action from this book

Having a goal or a task and procrastinating on it takes up a lot more energy than we realise. As Keith says ‘ the length of time you procrastinate about something is usually longer than what it would take to complete the task.’
He then describes the three levels that people operate on – Proactive, Adaptive and Reactive. Procrastination and lack of focus results in operating in a reactive mode most of the time – the least productive level.
Of all the tips tricks and templates Keith delivers in this book to achieve your goals faster (and there are loads), here are three that have already made a huge impact on me, less than a month since reading the book.
(reproduced with permission)
1. Make a Commitment or Promise to Someone
 It’s easy to quit on yourself, to put off to another day or week or month or year what you need to do now or in the near future. So make a commitment to someone else, better still make a promise to them!
There are a couple of ways to use this technique effectively:
– Find an accountability buddy
– Find yourself a coach or mentor
– Create a mastermind group
– Make a statement to the world
– Create a goal or vision board
– Visualise yourself achieving your goals every day
– Create a visual presentation
– Use a goal card
– Be still and listen to your intuition
– Clear the clutter and create a clear, inspiring workspace
2. Create the Right Rituals for You
A ritual is an activity you do on a regular and consistent basis. What is it that you need to implement in your day to day life that you know is in line with your goals and how you want to feel? It’s not about being disciplined in multiple areas to start with, it’s about making a start and taking small steps.
Here are 15 examples of rituals that connect emotionally, mentally and physically.
  1. Visualise yourself reaching your goals
  2. Review your goal journal
  3. Look at your goal board of your key goals
  4. Listen to your intuition
  5. Really connect with people you love
  1. Meditate for 15-30 minutes daily
  2. Read books that inspire, inform or give you greater insights
  3. Listen to positive audio recordings
  4. Start the day with a goal and a plan
  5. Reflect on what worked, what didn’t and what you are going to do differently
  1. Exercise on a regular basis
  2. Eat the right foods for you and your body
  3. Network with positive people
  4. Drink two to three liters of water each day
  5. Complete one key goal for the day
3. The 63 Day Challenge
Now it’s time to pick one habit or ritual you want to make part of your DNA. What is one ritual you know will assist you in becoming the best version of you? What is one skill, quality, characteristic or mindset that you want to have as part of your life?
It takes 21 days to create a new habit, 21 days to strengthen your resolve to embed that habit and 21 days to make that habit part of your DNA forever. Committing to a ritual for 63 days will make it part of your psyche and procrastination won’t stand a chance.


This book is a fun, easy read and an inspiring manifesto for making this year your best yet. It helps you get to the heart of your goals literally by guiding you to better understand the why, not just the what. Then how to create laser focus on achieving them.
As Keith says, Focus is the secret ingredient of achievement.
Think of this book as your secret weapon for kicking some serious goals and getting shit done in 2018.

How to get your hands on the book

You can buy a copy of Focus: 4 Fast, Easy Strategies for Beating Procrastination Forever at