Styling Shorehaven – A Collaboration that Demonstrates the Power of a ‘We’ versus ‘Me’ Marketing Approach

Picture this – a leading prestige estate agent with a vacant waterfront home to sell, a leading interior stylist and a high-end homewares & lifestyle retailer. Three very different businesses with a similar target audience and a shared passion for innovative marketing. The result was ‘Styling Shorehaven’ – a carefully curated evening event that tapped into the collective following of all three brands and demonstrated the true power of a ‘we’ versus ‘me’ marketing approach.

The result exceeded everyone’s expectations and has produced some unexpected ripple effects for all three businesses.

Over 150 people attended the event (every real estate agent’s dream for an open home), got to enjoy some bubbles and experience the home and listen to a short Q & A from the joint venture partners on the inspiration for the styling of the home and the evening.

So what was in it for each of the collaboration partners?

For Adrian Reed from Reed and Co Estate Agents he was able to showcase a prestige waterfront home fully styled and furnished (as opposed to an empty space) and to an opening night crowd in excess of 150. It also served as a powerful positioning tool for him and his brand and has resulted in several listing opportunities.

For Simone Barter from Simone Barter Studios it was a unique opportunity to showcase her styling talents to over 150 highly targeted potential consumers. She also offered a styling masterclass on the evening (held at the same address the following Saturday) which she sold out on the night.

For Paul Bellette, the owner of Casa Noosa, it was also a fantastic positioning exercise and an opportunity to discuss current trends and insights around coastal luxe homewares. He sold several key pieces of furniture on the night.

Ultimately, for all three collaboration partners, the event built trust and positioned their respective expertise, validated via social credibility. 

Ripple Effects

While Styling Shorehaven was a one-off event, having the event video recorded has assisted drive longevity on the impact and it’s produced some interesting ripple effects, in particular:

  • Ongoing enquiries for Adrian, who the event helped cement his position as the leading prestige estate agent in Noosa
  • PR coverage for the event
  • A number of private styling clients for Simone
  • Residual enquiries on several of the hero pieces from Casa Noosa

The key to collaboration is finding joint venture partners that share similar objectives, target market and values and coming up with an initiative or event that is of value to the consumer.