Cut the Noise
By Chris Helder

On more than one ocassion I’ve been described as ‘the female Chris Helder’, which I consider to be the ultimate compliment as Chris is widely regarded as one of Australia’s best speakers. I’ve been lucky to share the platform with him 20 times or so and consider him a great friend and mentor. He’s certainly…

By Nikki Fogden-Moore

My definition of success has changed dramatically over the years. In my twenties and early thirties I was growing a marketing and PR business at full pelt, working 16 hour days and judging progress and achievement on turnover, number of staff and how big our office was. These days it’s almost the opposite. While revenues…

The Boomerang Effect – Why Being Helpful In Your Marketing Returns More Customers And Makes You More Money
By Tim Reid

About the Book Most business owners I meet measure the success of their marketing spend by one main metric – new customers or number of fresh leads. But what if the true measure of success — and the path to profits — actually lies with your existing customers? What if there was a way to…

Leadability: The Art of Building Respect, Confidence, Integrity and Trust to Create a Lasting Leadership Legacy.
By Rowdy McLean

I consider myself an accidental leader. I started my first business, a marketing agency, at the age of 21. I didn’t mean to. What started as a couple of freelance projects in between jobs grew and grew and before I knew it, I was managing a team of people and having meetings with my accountant…